Qodio is a creative agency

Which provides next generation design and development solutions

Our journey


The company was first registered in 2010 as an IT company under the name Faroe Media.


First backend developer was hired and the journey as a web agancy started.

  • CMS system Ease became a reality. Over 200 sites are running on this system today
  • First woman started as a frontend developer
  • AVISO messaging system came on the Scandinavian market
  • First full-time designer was hired

The company grew with many people. A sales coordinator, frontend developer and designer were hired.


We became QODIO.


The team

Jógvan Andersen
Loves his beagle! But even more that clients succeed by services delivered.
Ingi á Steinamørk
Senior developer
A nerd? Indeed. Loves exploring latest technology and pushing the web for a better place.
Rúna á Steinamørk
Likes pink and punk hair. A reliable source for implementing next generation designs.
Arnold Jakobsen
Sales director
They say he's a born seller! It's true, but most importantly he's totally customer minded.
Nalin Attanayke
Art Director
Loves patterns and modern art. Eager to make his designs to help customers a step further.
Eirikur Meitilberg
Graphic designer
Biggest Star Wars fan and loyal Qodian. If he designed your logo, the force is with you!

Our locations

Faroe Islands
Head office
Heiðavegur 25
FO-600 Saltangará
Faroe Islands
(+298) 76 50 00
United States
Sri Lanka

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